Team Structure and Distribution

Leadership Structures

Our Subgroups

Our team format allows each student to specialize in a particular set of tasks.  Harrison Boiler Robotics consists of five subgroups, each of which cover a specific area of robot production. Students are able to move between them as they please, and find what interests them most. In 2021 due to the additional challenges, which can be found here, we have also added a sixth subteam, Game Design. Students on any subteam are able to get involved in scouting, drive team, or media at competitions.


The Tech subgroup is responsible for the assembly and maintenance of the robot. They work in our wood and metal shops to create prototypes, robots, and various other projects.

CAD subteam members discussing about wood
Tech subteam members working with powertools


The CAD, or Computer Aided Design, subgroup is in charge of creating an in-depth design of each major component of the robot using a computer program called Solidworks in order to provide a blueprint for the other subgroups to follow.

students around computers working
CAD subteam members working on computers
Electrical subteam member working on a motor


The Electrical subgroup is responsible for adding all the electrical components to the robot. They connect all of the wiring to a main hub on the robot to allow it to be programmed to move.


The Business subgroup has a variety of responsibilities including fundraising, advertising, essay writing for a variety of awards, social media upkeep, and most importantly community outreach coordination. The business subteam also works with the programming subteam on this website.

Business subteam at work
Programming subteam disscussion


The Programming subgroup’s responsibilities include creating a Java program consisting of the different moving parts in the robot such as our elevator and arm. This is what lets our robot carry out tasks and perform different functions. They also work on a scouting program each season before our first competition and with our business subteam to maintain this website.

Game Design

Game Design works on the 2021 Game Design challenge. They have fleshed out a game idea, made game pieces, and worked on a “reveal” animation. They have worked on writing essays and documents required for this challenge.

Team Distribution