2024 FIRST Game

This year’s theme is FIRST In Show, and our game is CRESCENDO. It is an art-themed game, and it is sponsored by Haas. 


The 2024 game, CRESCENDO, consists of two competing alliances that score notes, amplify their speaker, harmonize onstage, and take the spotlight before time runs out.

  • Autonomous mode takes place during the first 15 seconds of the match.
    • Robots leave their starting zone and score/collect notes in their speaker or amp
  • The remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds, drivers control their robots. Robots collect notes (game pieces) and score them in their amp and speaker (goals).
    • Each time an alliance gets 2 notes in their amp, the human player can amplify their speaker for 10 seconds.
  • As time runs out, robots race to get onstage and deliver notes to their traps. Robots hang on a chain to achieve this
    • Human players can throw a special game piece onto a peg to add more points to the end-game total

The alliance that earns the most points wins the match!

For more information about the 2024 game, go here.

Video describing the point system and the rules of the game: