2022 Game

Good news: we’re back to a (mostly) normal in-person season! This year’s theme is FIRST Forward, and our game is called Rapid React. It is a transportation-themed game, as it is sponsored by Boeing. 


The 2022 game, RAPID REACT, consists of two ALLIANCES competing against each other to collect CARGO. The teams deposit these CARGO pieces into their alliance’s HUB, either in the upper or lower hoppers. At the end of the game, robots climb on a series of rungs, each higher one worth more points than the last.

When the timer hits 2:30, the game begins, and robots run autonomously for 15 seconds. 

  1. Robots deploy from the TARMAC ZONE
  2. Robots collect CARGO and score in the HUB

When the timer hits 2:15, operators can finally take remote control of their ROBOTS. ALLIANCES can still score by:

  1. Collection of CARGO, deposited into HUB
  2. Climbing the RUNGS

At the end of the MATCH, the winning ALLIANCE is the one with the highest score.


For more details on how competitions work, go here and click on competitions.

Watch this game animation from 2022 to further understand RAPID REACT!